The Pinnacle of Motivational Clothing

How do I envision the future of Motives?

I want Motives to be a community of people before an apparel company. I want that community to all have one goal in mind, and that is to make the world a better place. I truly think that's a goal that all of us can get behind. I want the community to be a place where the single mother and successful entrepreneur can talk about how to wake up with a positive attitude every morning even when everything is stacked against you. A place where a retiree can mentor a young student all about the world of business and entrepreneurship. I want fitness influencers to be able to talk about what works best for them on social media. A place where everyone is living their best life. I want Motives to be a community of people before a motivational clothing brand.

I truly believe that Motives is creating the future world leaders, presidents, and thought leaders of the world. A place where people always strives to be better. A community that always pushes the message of being better than we were yesterday. That's how I see the future of Motives! If you haven't already, join the Motives Facebook Group to be a part of this incredible, growing community!

-Nicholas Wolf, Founder of Motives

What is Motives WorldWide?

Just about every person is on an endless pursuit for some kind of greatness in their life. Whether that be achieving a lifelong goal or simply making the most out of your day, that's where Motives comes in. Motives WorldWide is the pinnacle of Motivational Apparel. So much so, that you have to be a part of the Motives Family if you want more out of life!

The MOTIVES logo is recognized worldwide. It is a symbol of a never quit attitude. It shows your passionate, it shows your driven, and it shows your desire to be the absolute best because you have the MOTIVES behind your work.

You don't go after your goals aimlessly. You don't go through this life not knowing what you want. Someone who is a part of the MOTIVES family knows what they want out of life. They set insane goals and smash their goals every single day. The MOTIVES family is an absolute force in the world. If this sounds like you, then it's time for you to join the MOTIVES family!

Join the motives family

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Why Should You Join the Motives Family?

We actually give a shit about your story and your success. It's that easy. We care about who you are, how you got to where you are now, and where and what you want to do with your life. Everybody has a story, and we want to get to know yours!

We are a group of people who want more out of life. We always push to be better than we were yesterday. There is no stopping. There is no quitting. We are the best!

The Motives Apparel is a symbol for your never quit attitude. When you wear our clothing, it is a constant reminder to always be a better you. YOU CANNOT BE BEAT!

The best part? We have your back. When you join our family, you will be ask to join our private Facebook group! 

The Motives Facebook group is to inspire, encourage, and educate others throughout their own journeys. When you join the Motives family you gain the perspectives of others while contributing your own knowledge. Help us Motivate you! I look forward to hearing your story!

-Nick, Founder of Motives


Exclusive promotions, new products, sales and motivation. Directly to your inbox.