Fitness Apparel

Fitness Apparel

When you look for fitness apparel what kinds of qualities do you look for? Is it the thread count, the extra pockets, or maybe the overall aesthetic? Do you move around in it first? Perform the ‘Squat Test” when finding the right pair of leggings or shorts?

“Athleisure.” We’ve all heard this word thrown around at some point or another in the past couple years, whether it was from your trendy friend who only eats “Non-GMO” foods and goes to yoga four times a week or in an advertisement on Facebook, it’s there. By definition, athleisure is, “A trend in fashion in which clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities is worn in other settings, such as at the workplace, at school, or at other casual or social occasions.” Summed up, athleisure is fitness apparel that is fashionable.

According to, fitness apparel trends are on the rise and here to stay. Take a look at this chart explaining activewear growth at traditional active retailers:


The article also states that non-traditional fitness apparel active retailers actually rocketed by 99%.

Many trends show that more sleek, simple designs for fitness apparel are now on the rise. The days of overwhelmingly colorful printed leggings and patterns are on the decline and less "loud" gym wear is the standard. 

Take the article "8 Athleisure Brands Celebrities Are Making Popular" from for example. People are opting for more neutral tones and fitness apparel that is more versatile. This is so you can pair your leggings or crop tops with other accessories to put your unique twist on it. Whether it's an all black or tan workout outfit, the premise behind more basic designs is to show your personality through statement pieces. 

The latest trends in active clothing have shown that more and more people are not only looking for quality, fashionable articles of workout gear but are investing in a message to go along with the fitness apparel. Keeping a balanced, healthy, and active lifestyle isn’t just the popular thing to do anymore, it’s the norm. Because staying active is much more encouraged through social media and advertisements, people are taking it a step further and really getting creative with identifying the meaning behind brands. It’s not only about cool gym apparel, it's about what brand produced it and representing what that brand stands for. The formula is simple: people want fitness apparel that not only lasts 50 washes but looks cool and represents a reputable brand.

Motives is an online apparel company that specializes in creating durable, comfortable, and cool looking clothing to wear while being active. The message of Motives is simple: Motivate Yourself and Motivate Others. The Motives brand is a symbol of a never quit attitude. It shows your passionate, it shows your driven, and it shows your desire to be the absolute best because you have the MOTIVES behind your work. Motives want to know the “Why?” behind every single person’s desire to achieve their goals. Our active apparel is designed to start a conversation about that “Why?”. Motives clothing can be worn to the biggest bodybuilding gym or thrown on to run errands for the day. The clothing is simple yet sleek with a message that sticks.


Take Motives fitness shirts for example:

Each collection of short and long sleeve t-shirts displays one of Motives classic statement designs. Words like “AUTHENTIC” and “MOTIVES” are printed on Motives clothing to reinforce the brand’s message and encourage conversations. When you purchase Motives fitness apparel you’re purchasing more than an item of clothing, you’re entering a family of highly motivated and encouraging individuals who want to see you succeed as much as yourself. The best thing about Motives apparel is that every piece is versatile enough to go with any outfit. Because of Motives neutral colors and form-fitting designs, customers can pair Motives clothing with other patterns and layers, using Motives fitness apparel to complete their look. So what other fitness apparel does Motives offer? Let's take a look.

Women’s Clothing

Motives has an exclusive line of Women’s tees, tanks, and crop tops. In a wide array of sizes, these women's fitness apparel do not ride up or get in the way of a workout. These gym tops come in white and black along with a special addition army green shirt.

Motives women’s tees are fitted in all the right spots, don’t ride up, and durable enough to last all those washes after a sweaty gym session. Each t-shirt is specifically designed to make women feel comfortable in them while sending a powerful message. The army green shirt rocks the statement, “Trust The Process”. This shirt’s simple but powerful statement is sure to turn heads and resonate with others with their own journey in life.  Motives gym tops are the best in quality and support when it comes to activewear apparel. View Motives women’s tees here or click the image below  →


The fitted racerback tank tops are perfect for working out or pairing with leggings or jeans on a warmer day. Motives women’s tanks are made with 60% combed ringspun cotton and 40% polyester lightweight jersey. The tank tops can also be layered with button-up flannel shirts to create just the right amount of edge with any outfit. You can also knot the tank top in the front to create the effect of a smaller waist. Every tank top has a statement, the question is how will you display yours? View women’s racerbacks here or click the image below →


Mix it up with a Motives crop top, the perfect thing to sport at the gym when you’re feeling confident and strong. You'll turn lots of heads when you're wearing this crop top, and don't be surprised when someone asks you, "What does MOTIVES mean?" This crop top can be paired with jeans or shorts outside of the gym when running errands or going to a casual event. The Motives crop top is made for women who are strong, confident and stand for something. The season's trendiest garment, this top is tight-fitting but still incredibly comfortable, and it hits just above the navel. Motives crop top is made out of 52% combed and ring-spun cotton and 48% polyester, has a 40 singles thread weight while staying form fitting. Click the link to view the Motives crop top or click the image below →

Men’s Clothing

Motives men’s clothing is tailored for any man who doesn’t fit the mold but instead shapes his own. With fitness shirts, long sleeves, and outerwear any man can look cool and interesting by sporting the Motives brand. All shirts are made with a 100% ring-spun combed cotton material. It's designed with a premium fitted crew neck can that provides an instant relaxed style.

The men’s “Attn: Motives” t-shirt is sure to start a conversation and create attention. People will want to know what Motives means to you and why you stand for it. This shirt sends the message that you have something to say and aren’t afraid to say it. The “Motives” Tee is the perfect piece of fitness apparel to wear in the gym. It motivates you to push harder and think about the motives behind becoming successful. Click the link to view the men’s “Attn: Motives” Tee or click the image below! →

Motives men’s long sleeves sports designs like “AUTHENTIC” and REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED”. These long sleeve fitness shirts are made for style and comfort. A classic long sleeve tee for any occasion. Click the link to view Motives men’s long sleeve shirts or click the image below →



Motives unisex outerwear includes crewnecks and classic hoodies as well as an exclusive "MOTIVES" hat. This active athletic outerwear is perfect to wear when you’re trying to work up a sweat in the gym or go for a run outside. With logos like “MOTIVES”, “AUTHENTIC”, and “REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED” you will be sure to catch attention anywhere you wear it. Click the link to view Motive’s unisex outerwear or the image below →


Motives fitness apparel is available in S-2XL. Motives believes that maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle is not limited to weight or height but to how you feel. The best thing about Motives fitness apparel is that the quality of the clothing isn’t compromised by the size of the garment. Motives delivers the 100% best in quality no matter the cost.


Like mentioned before, Motives fitness apparel is centered around the Motives Family. The Motives Family is a group of people who want to better themselves and others. It is a group of encouragement and a place where members care about each others success. Because Motives fitness apparel is centered around building a family, Motives believes that the prices should be inexpensive compared to other brands. Motives fitness apparel stays in the rage of $25-$50 while obtaining the same quality as other, more expensive brands. Take a look at this infographic from



The Motives activewear brand is a family and doesn’t want their family members spending more than they can afford. The Motives family encourages people to press the boundaries in their lives while still maintaining stability. Because of the increase in fitness apparel brands, Motives stands out because they are willing to do what’s best for their consumer first in order to maintain trust.


The Motives brand actively seeks out ambassadors to represent and wear Motives fitness apparel. The best way to spread the Motives message is through having trusted individuals represent Motives on their social media platforms. Motives brand ambassadors have a high work ethic and are constantly striving to achieve some sort of greatness in their personal and business life. Because Motives is a fitness apparel brand, most of the ambassadors represent the fitness industry, however, Motives does not limit itself solely to that field. View the Motives Ambassador page to learn more about the program or click the image below →


Fitness apparel is entering a new era- one that isn’t just about the clothing but rather the message behind it. Having an active lifestyle is much more than going to the gym five days a week, it’s about having people to help uplift and inspire you so that you’re keeping your mind healthy as well. The Motives brand accomplishes both with their cool workout apparel and family that comes alongside each customer to help remind them of their motives for accomplishing their goals. Click the link  or the image below to learn more about Motives!  


Article Written By Joy Trillet