Bull Long Sleeve - Motives WorldWide
Bull Long Sleeve - Motives WorldWide
Bull Long Sleeve - Motives WorldWide
Bull Long Sleeve - Motives WorldWide

Bull Long Sleeve

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Bull Long Sleeve - Motives

What is the meaning of the Bull? Let's start with the definition of a bull:

Bull (n): an uncastrated male bovine animal.

The aggressive nature of a bull has interested humans for hundreds of years. The running of the bulls has been around for years and years, and that is the human's way of connecting with such an aggressive animal. Bull riding is also a way we try and tame such a beast, but even professional bull riders are lucky to stay on for 8 seconds. A bull cannot be tamed.

This long sleeve symbolizes that aggressive nature of the bull and never allowing yourself to be tamed. You make your own decisions, and you are unapologetically you.

Motives WorldWide is the pinnacle of Motivational Clothing. Why are we the pinnacle of Motivational Clothing? It's because we actually care about your success. We want you to learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others. We want to leave an impact on this world and leave our legacy. Now, we know it's easy to say that we actually care. Every company says that, so you will just have to find out for yourself! We recommend joining our Facebook Group to really get a feel for who we are.

The MOTIVES logo is recognized worldwide. It is a symbol of a never quit attitude. It shows your passionate, it shows your driven, and it shows your desire to be the absolute best because you have the MOTIVES behind your work.

You don't go after your goals aimlessly. You don't go through this life not knowing what you want. Someone who is a part of the MOTIVES family knows what they want out of life. They set insane goals and smash their goals every single day. The MOTIVES family is an absolute force in the world. If this sounds like you, then it's time for you to join the MOTIVES family! We can't wait to help you get there!


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